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Dansac is focused on developing and manufacturing stoma care products only – a specialisation that requires special equipment, special materials, and special know-how.

Because standard solutions do not exist, our engineers build all our machines. Sometimes products even start off without a machine – Dansac Nova 2 Soft Convex was made entirely by hand during the first six months of production.

Dansac products are made from only the most select materials. The extra filter membrane in Dansac Nova 1 is imported from Japan even though the square-metre price caused our finance manager nightmares. We solved her problem by designing and building a Nova 1 machine that reduced waste to a minimum.

Even a hole is the result of intense research; accurate punching in the GX hydrocolloid flange of Dansac Nova Soft Convex requires uniquely designed production equipment making it our most expensive starter hole.

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