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At the end of the section you will also find a list of books that are relevant to stoma care.


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Quality of Life:

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Abdominal Stomas and Their Skin Disorders
An Atlas of Diagnosis and Management
Calum C. Lyon & Amanda J. Smith
Martin Dunitz Ltd.
The Livery House
7-9 Pratt Street
London NW1 0AE, UK
ISBN 1-85317-896-9

BOKEY, E.L., Robyn Shell:
Stoma Therapy
Pergamon Press Pty. Ltd.
19a Boundary Street, Rushcutters Bay
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Stoma Care
Beaconsfield, Bucks, England.

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Principles of Ostomy Care
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Stoma Care Today
Oxford Publishing Services
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Stoma Care Nursing
Balillière Tindall, London.

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Nursing for Continence
WB Saunders
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The Ostomy Book
Bull Publishing Co., 1980.

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Stoma Care Nursing: A patient-centred approach.
338 Euston Road, London NW1 3BH, England.
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Intestinal Stomas
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Ostomy Care and the Cancer Patient
Surgical and Clinical Considerations
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WADE, Barbara:
A Stoma is for Life
Gazelle Book Services Ltd.
Falcon House, Queens Square, Lancaster
LA1 1RN, England.


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