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                   Before surgery                               Hospitalization                                   Recovery                                        Life     
Dansac is dedicated to stoma care. Not only do we strive to give you the very best products, we also provide a wide range of unique
brochures and books on various topics related to living with a stoma. Information for you with a stoma - but also information that might
be useful for your spouse/partner, family, and friends.

Over the years, Dansac has developed a series of materials to give you practical, step-by-step information regarding stoma care,
hints and tips, getting fit after surgery, as well as inspiration from other people with stoma on how to live life to the fullest – with a stoma.
So how do you deal with the fact that you are having a stoma? What information and support you need differs from person to person
and varies from one phase of your adaptation process to the next.
The information on the following pages are created to give you an overview of the phases you might go through living with a stoma
– temporarily or permanently. The phases are "Before Surgery", "Hospitalization", "Recovery" and "Life".
Click on the orange links above to go to the phases or select it on the top menu.

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