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What about Sex?
This booklet is intended to provide support if you have a stoma or live with someone who does – be it a colostomy, an ileostomy, or a urostomy.
Whether you are young, old, married or single, and regardless how active or inactive your sex life, a stoma is a major change.
For you, as well as your present or future partner, accepting life with a stoma is of major importance to your quality of life. A satisfying sexual relationship helps us feel good by adding to our physical and emotional well-being.
The booklet addresses issues experienced in the process of resuming daily life after stoma surgery. You will get straight-forward information on all topics related to sex and having a stoma i.e. questions on recovery, sex, body image, new partners and enhanced quality of life.
Click the link below to preview the booklet or contact the Patient Services Team on 0800 581117 for a free copy.

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