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The Ostomy Forum
The Ostomy Forum group consists of 31 experienced European and Japanese ET nurses. The participating countries include Japan, United Kingdom, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and The Netherlands.

The initial objective of the Ostomy Forum was to create an international History Taking and Assessment Form to enable ET nurses to gather complete relevant data in order to identify the short and long term consequences of ostomy surgery. The purpose of such was to help recommend improvement and provide appropriate intervention.
The study has been a three stage process.
First a History Taking Form was developed and tested.
Secondly a pilot study was undertaken to create the Follow-up Form and Observation Index.
And lastly - based on the recommendations of the pilot study - the Follow-up Form, Observation Index and Guidelines were revised, extended and re-tested.

The recommendations from the pilot study then became the objectives of a new study:
  • Revision of the form – for example to include temporary or permanent stomas and acute or planned surgery
  • Guidelines for completing the forms.
  • Revision of the Observation Index – to avoid yes or no answers.
  • To continue the study – to validate the revised tools.
A universal agreement was gained through numerous meetings and discussions on the content and description of the Follow-up Form and the Observation index.
The fruit of the work done by the Ostomy Forum can be found here - Ostomy Forum Study Tools.


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