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Nova Features
The Dansac Nova product line is developed to fulfill the needs you have as an ostomist.
To simplify and illustrate the benefits of our Nova products, we have designed a series of icons which you will be able to recognize in our range of marketing and educational material.
Double Filter Protection
The carbon filter is shielded from liquid output by multiple layers of protective film. This system allows gas to penetrate, while preventing stools from entering or blocking the carbon filter. The filter is also protected against moisture from exterior sources by a Teflon membrane. This permits users to shower without using a filter patch while enabling the pouch to maintain its filtering function
It is important to keep the area around the stoma clean – mainly to protect your skin, but also to avoid odours. A piece of cotton wool, a cloth, or a cotton swab and a little warm water is all you need when changing a pouch. Daily hygiene could hardly be simpler or easier.

Dansac Nova pouches have an embossed film that reduces friction between your pouch and your clothing. This minimizes noise and helps prevent inconvenient pancaking. Smooth, soft and gentle to yours skin, the structure of the film also increases your overall comfort and discretion.
Secure Coupling
Dansac Nova 2 has a unique coupling system – soft and secure. The opaque flange ring and the transparent pouch ring lock easily together. An audible click assures that the pouch is firmly in place and for additional security the transparent ring enables you to see that the rings are locked.
The efficient Nova Twin-Filter is 100% active carbon that cleans gas before permitting it to escape. This prevents annoying odours and ballooning.
Secure Adhesion
Dansac Nova skin barriers are skin-friendly and hypoallergenic. The GX hydrocolloid protects the peristomal skin, eases application and ensures secure adhesion. The shape of the flange profile provides reliable adhesion when bending and/or sitting with extra material where this is most needed.

Dansac Nova pouches have a water-repellent fabric, so you can wear them while showering. Because you can towel dry the pouches along with the rest of your body, they do not make revealing wet spots on your clothing. Dansac Nova pouches also increases your comfort by remaining dry during hot weather.

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